Want to engage more people through your content? Here’s one word that will work wonders


As a business owner, you know how important it is to engage with potential customers.

Marketing through content – whether that’s blog posts, videos or social media posts – is definitely a great way to do it and it’s no surprise that it’s popularity has grown in recent years.

But you may have faced a problem that many business owners face when attempting to create content – they end up sounding like business owners talking to other business owners, rather than people talking to people.

Content marketing can really work for brands because it creates two-way conversation through the channels it is distributed through such as social media.

You educate and inform readers about a product or service, respond to potential customer feedback and use a range of tools to measure how engaged they are.

The key to creating marketing content that resonates with and engages an audience, gets your message across and gets people to notice your call to action you want your call to is to write for your audience.

In other words, rather than randomly throwing down your thoughts down on paper, think about the people who are going to be reading your content.

Rather than randomly throwing down your thoughts down on paper, think about the people who are going to be reading your content.

What are their biggest problems or desires? What makes them tick? What the values that are most important to them?

It’s advice that’s often repeated by writing experts and marketing professionals.

But for many new to content creation, it’s easier said than done.

Even after you have spent time getting a good idea of what matters to members of your audience, how do you begin crafting copy that engages and serves that them?

A great starting point when planning content that engages your target market is to keep in mind one word – you!

You is a very powerful word when creating content.

It makes a reader feel like you are talking to them – and that’s important if you are trying to make a connection with potential customers.

Your readers (your potential customers or clients) have chosen to spend time reading what you have produced for a reason.

They read because they want to gain something from it – maybe get solutions to a long standing health or DIY problem for example. Or get information that will help a situation they are facing much easier to deal with or learn a new skill.

Content that is written form the company’s perspective and uses words like our or we never answers the WIFM QUESTION ie what’s in it for me?

Readers (usually) want to find out how what you are writing can benefit THEM.

You is such a powerful one because it addresses an individual reader directly

Think about it. How many times have you read something or lost interest in a conversation because the writer or speaker seems overly self-obsessed?

When you’re writing blog posts or creating other types of content such as slideshare presentations or videos, using the word You is such a powerful one because it addresses an individual reader directly about the benefits they may be seeking or a solution to a particular problem.

Readers (usually) don’t care about how great your product is; they do care about how great it will be to them.

Use the words you and your to make your reader feel how much it is going to benefit THEM.

An example of this is when I recently wrote some website content for a client who wanted to market a weight loss e book.

It was a single page website from which the book could be downloaded.

It was a project the author had spent quite a bit of time researching and putting together, but it just wasn’t selling.

I re-worked the copy and thought up some new ideas we could introduce but it still didn’t improve sales.


I then decided to create two version of the sales page using some split-testing software.

The first version included the copy I had re-written; the second one I changed by working in the words you and yours into the headline and body text.

So, in the first version there was ‘With our health eBook amazing weight loss results can be achieved’. In the second I wrote ‘Are you tired of diets and weight loss systems that don’t work? With your copy of this e-book you can start to achieve amazing results.’

The sales figures that followed were amazing – they increased by nearly 60 per cent.

A huge jump.

If your content is designed to directly address the most pressing questions your readers have, the chances are high that you will create meaningful engagements and conversations and thus keep readers coming back to your site.

A powerful way to get to this point is to think seriously about the word you when creating content.

PS As you may or may not have noticed, I have tried to keep you engaged with post by using the word you/your over 30 times (including this sentence).

I would love to know your thoughts on what makes content engaging.

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