Out of ideas for interesting new blog posts? Here are three simple techniques you can try


Blogging can provide a great low cost way to promote your business, highlight your expertise and the products and attract potential customers.

But it’s vital that if you do have a company blog, or are thinking of starting one, it’s regularly updated with fresh content.

Regularly adding new posts that your site’s visitors will find useful is what keeps visitors coming back.

This after all is the goal of any marketing campaign.

And of course, search engines such as Google love unique content. It’s a key factor in helping your business to rank well for the keywords that describe your business.

But small business owners and solopreneurs are in many cases trying to juggle several tasks and an ever growing to do list.

So, it can be a challenge to consistently come up with fresh ideas.

If, for example, you run a local insurance company, you might be tempted to think there’s only so much you can say every month if you have been running the blog for a year.

But the truth is, it’s not that hard to do.

And here are two simple techniques you can use to produce original content for your blog.

Use your individual voice

In the work that I do as a copywriter, one of the comments I often hear from business owners is that they don’t think they have the talent to write well.

They either struggle with writer’s block and don’t know where to start with a potential blog post. Or, if they have written about a topic before, they struggle to find interesting ways to say new things about it.

However, the key to being original and authoritative and connecting with an audience is just to be yourself.

It’s often repeated advice and I always tell the business owners who tell me they’re not good writers to take it on board.

You may be worried that you write is not what an experienced wordsmith would write.

But keep in mind that it is your personality and unique perspective that will go furthest in appealing to readers, just like it does in any form of writing.

For instance, take this blog post from writer Carol Tice about running a freelance writing business.

She could have written the type of post that has done several times before and would tips such as:

-where to find work
-how to create a writer’s website
-how to network with potential clients and other writers and how to negotiate over fees.

But linking the topic to her love of the computer game Bejeweled Blitz provides a fresh and entertaining perspective, one that hasn’t been done elsewhere.

Think up new angles on content you’ve produced previously

Let’s go back to local insurance company example mentioned earlier.

It’s likely that if the company has a blog it’s already written and published a general guide to the different types of insurance cover it provides such as travel, contents or buildings insurance.

You would probably expect it to cover topics such as the cost of buying insurance, how payouts work in different scenarios, and how much should you insure your belongings for.

So the team responsible for running the blog is thinking of producing another general guide, maybe to coincide with a conference or event that is happening locally, they may well be tempted to think there is only so much you can say a second time.

However a fresh take on insurance might look be to look at the problems faced in getting insurance among a particular group of people.

They could, for example, write an in-depth post looking the challenges that people living with a disability face in getting insurance cover.

The post could include the types of companies that sell policies designed specifically for people with disabilities or long term health problems, whether or not it will cost you more and legal rights if turned down for insurance.

You could look at other groups of people such students and the self-employed to create more fresh content.

Make your content topical

One of the best ways to make the topics you write about seem fresh is to peg them to topical events.

It’s called newsjacking.

Let’s say the media in your is covering news about a story about a local issue.

It could be planning application to build thousands of new homes in the area, or a major company that will be relocating near to where you are based which will create new employment opportunities.

Newsjacking involves thinking of a way to make what you blog about relevant and meaningful to the news story being discussed.

If you are an estate agent for example, what does the planning application mean for first time buyers in your region?
How could the announcement on jobs affect our local insurance company?

Where there is discussion around local and national issues you have a chance of picking up readers and links back to your posts when you reflect them in your blog posts and tailor them to the needs of your audience.

So there you have it. Employ these three simple techniques to create fresh content for your blog that speaks to members of your target audience you’ll find that will help push your blogging efforts to the top of your niche very quickly.