So, what’s this blog all about?


Hi and welcome to every kind of people.

And thanks for stopping by to find out more about me.

But first, let’s talk about you.

I’m guessing you’re a business owner who needs to boost awareness of your company’s brand.

Or perhaps you need to generate more traffic to your website or blog?

Maybe you’ve created marketing materials but, for some reason, they are not connecting with your desired audience.

If so, I can help!

Many new business owners struggle with these issues.

Content marketing can help you achieve these goals and more.

But regardless of whether you aim to reach customers through social media, a company blog, e mail newsletters or infographics, you’ll rely on words to carry your marketing messages.

And that means getting comfortable with writing, the basic cornerstone of effective content.

OK, I can already hear the objections!

If you’re a time challenged business owner with an ever growing to-do list, who’s got the time to sit down and write?

And given the world we live in of short attention spans, click bait headlines, hashtags, social media feeds and short snappy videos, does good writing really matter anymore?

It definitely does.

The thinking and preparation that go into shaping your marketing messages, especially online, matters more now than ever before.

Your words can make you look dull and aloof or friendly and dependable.

But the process of writing often brings up some serious stumbling blocks.
You may hate writing.

It just seems too much like the kind of grind you’d rather avoid.

Maybe you have written your own marketing content but it isn’t connecting with your target audience in the way you’d hoped.

It could be that you’re struggling with how to come up nay ideas on what to write about your business.

In this blog you’ll find tips, expert advice, real–world examples and templates on:

*Writing persuasive, believable content that connects with readers and holds their attention
*Setting goals for what you write
*Using the power of storytelling to engage your target audience
*Simplifying what can seem like the challenging process of writing and creating impactful content

Now……that bit about me!

My name is Vic Motune and I’m a freelance content writer specializing in online content, business blogging and business to business writing.

Straight up, here are 3 things you should know about me:
1. I enjoy helping people solve their problems
2. I enjoy helping people who find writing a challenge
3. I love providing detailed steps on how to write better

My ultimate goal is to help business owners craft content that connects with their target audiences – and turn them into buyers.

It’s why I started this blog and why I do the work that I do.

After launching every kind of people, I founded a company called The Content Clinic following a two decade background in print and magazine journalism and radio production for BBC network radio.

The idea for The Content Clinic came after successfully launching the V2 business section of The Voice, a weekly national newspaper based in London.

V2 was aimed at start ups and small business owners in a range of business sectors.

While interviewing business owners for the section they’d often remark that despite using local press advertising they were still having trouble getting leads.

Others were struggling to get to grips with online marketing.

The growth of content marketing

When I started out in media, you could either practice journalism or write marketing copy.

But it was frowned upon if you did both.

That has changed.

I believe that the growth of what has come to be known as content marketing in recent years shows that you can fuse some of the storytelling elements and writing styles of traditional journalism with time honoured marketing approaches to writing to create a more engaging experience for potential customers.

What this blog aims to do for you

Even if you’re a business owner who hates writing, what you find here will hopefully give you ideas on how to write content with focus and clarity, do it in a way that focuses on your target audience and within a budget (if you have one).

And, along the way, you might even enjoy writing!

To learn more about me click here

You can also drop me a line at contentclinic@gmail